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February 13, 2023

A regular meeting of the Village Board held on the above date was called to order at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, NY  14432.    

Presiding:                              Mayor James Keyes

Village Trustees Present:   Bryan Gray, Brian Rickerson, Jeff Linsner, Earl Lincoln

Village Trustees Absent:     None

Also Attending:                     Jason Lannon – DPW Supervisor, Eric Merkley – Chief Sewer Plant Operator, Bill and Donna Kramp – Village residents, Todd Freelove – YMCA Director, Tim Steed and Bryan White - Hunt Engineering


 Minutes:                                The minutes of the meeting of  January 9, 2023, were approved upon motion by Trustee Linsner 2nd by Trustee Rickerson.   All members present voted AYE.  Carried.

Vouchers:                              General, Water and Sewer Vouchers #593 through #688 and ARPA #0-#0 were approved for payment by Trustee Lincoln 2nd by Trustee Linsner.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried.                                                                                                                                  

General Fund =                    $   66,569.94

Water Fund =                        $     2,870.49

Sewer Fund =                       $   13,882.38

ARPA =                                  $          -0-



J. Lannon – street and water report

Jason Lannon, Street & Water Supervisor appeared before the Board.


Street report:   A recommendation was made by a resident for a “Stop Ahead” sign on Pleasant Street and the crew has installed this sign.  The crew will be removing a smaller tree on East Main Street.  NYSEG is removing some trees.  A large pine tree needs to be removed at the cemetery.  Street improvement work for 2023 is being scheduled.  Concrete gutter work will be done on the south side of Stephens Street. 


Water report:  Supervisor Lannon is working on the lead survey for NYS DOH.  The water department is budgeting for a new generator for the water pump house.  NYSEG will upsize the meter at no cost. 


T. Freelove – YMCA Director – Park upgrades

T. Freelove,  YMCA Director, appeared before the Board to discuss park upgrades.  Mr. Freelove reviewed what equipment will be installed.  The Board has previously seen pictures of the new equipment.  A few pieces of park equipment will be removed from the older kid’s park and one main piece of new play equipment will be installed.  The Village will pay a company to assemble and install this main piece. The other changes are smaller pieces, and the crew should be able to assemble them, and the YMCA is willing to help as well.  Mr. Freelove has laid this plan out and is willing to assist the crew in any way he and the YMCA staff can.  Some dying pine trees will need to be removed and one other tree that appears dead as well. The Board was agreeable that equipment can be ordered and delivered to the Village barns.  The Board has agreed that the equipment will be paid for from ARPA-Covid funds. 








Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:

Public hearing to amend Chapter 108 (Vehicles and Traffic) of the Code of the Village of Clifton Springs

Mayor Keyes opened the public hearing at 6:15 PM.  This hearing was properly advertised in THE FINGER LAKES TIMES on January 5, 2023.  This notice was also placed on the Village website and sign board.  Due to covid this notice was also placed on the front door of village hall. Mayor Keyes explained this local law will change the verbiage in the code book. 


The Kramp’s asked if the local law would change the traffic pattern on Hunter Lane (formally known as Village Drive).  Mayor Keyes explained that no change other than the street name will change, the street will remain a one way street, heading south.  The Village Board had previously changed Village Drive to Hunter Lane, by resolution.  The Board needed to do the local law to change this in the code book.


No other persons addressed the Board for the public hearing.  Motion was made by Trustee Lincoln 2nd by Trustee Gray to close the public hearing at 6:25PM and adopt local law 1-2023.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried.





                WHEREAS, a resolution was duly adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Clifton Springs for a public hearing to be held by said Board of Trustees on February 13, 2023, at 6:15 p.m. at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, New York 14432, to hear all interested parties on a proposed Local Law Amending Chapter 108 (Vehicles and Traffic) of the Code of the Village of Clifton Springs;

            WHEREAS, notice of said public hearing was duly advertised in the official newspaper of the Village of Clifton Springs, on January 5, 2023 and all other notices required by law to be given were properly served, posted or given; and

            WHEREAS, said public hearing was duly held on February 13, 2023, at 6:15 p.m. at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, New York, and all parties in attendance were permitted an opportunity to speak on behalf of or in opposition to said Proposed Local Law, or any part thereof; and

            WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Clifton Springs, after due deliberation, finds it in the best interest of the Village of Clifton Springs to adopt said Local Law.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Clifton Springs hereby adopts said Local Law No. 1 of 2023, entitled, “A Local Law Amending Chapter 108 (Vehicles and Traffic) of the Code of the Village of Clifton Springs”, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part of this resolution, and be it further

            RESOLVED, that the Village Clerk/Treasurer be and she hereby is directed to enter said Local Law in the minutes of this meeting and in the Local Law Book of the Village of Clifton Springs, and to give due notice of the adoption of said local law to the Secretary of State of New York.

I, Lori Reals, Village Clerk/Treasurer of the Village of Clifton Springs do hereby certify that the aforementioned resolution was adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Clifton Springs on February 13, 2023 by the following vote:


                                                                                                Aye                 Nay                    

                        James Keyes                        X

                        Earl Lincoln                          X

                        Jeffrey Linsner                     X

                        Bryan Gray                            X

                        Brian Rickerson                   X


Dated:  February 14, 2023                                      ______________________________

SEAL                                                                          Lori Reals, Village Clerk/Treasurer

Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:

Village of Clifton Springs

Local Law No.1 of the year 2023


A local law Amending Chapter 108 (Vehicles and Traffic) of the

Code of the Village of Clifton Springs


Be it enacted by the Board of Trustees Village of  Clifton Springs as follows:

Section 1.     Section 108-32 of the Code of the Village of Clifton Springs (Schedule IV:  entitled “One-Way Streets”) is hereby amended as follows:

A.           The Street identified as “Alleyway”, along with its Direction of Travel and Limits, is hereby repealed and shall be removed from this Schedule.


B.           The Street identified as “Village Drive” (having been renamed as “Hunter Lane” by the Village Board) shall be amended to read “Hunter Lane”.


Section 2.     Section 108-33 of the Code of the Village of Clifton Springs (Schedule V:  entitled “Stop Intersections”) is hereby amended as follows:

A.           The entry of a Stop Sign on “Alleyway between Main Street and Coulter Road”, along with its Direction of Travel and At Intersection of references, is hereby repealed and shall be removed from this Schedule.


Section 3.     If any clause, sentence, paragraph, section or part of this local law shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such judgment shall not effect, impair or invalidate the remainder thereof, but shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph, section or part thereof directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment shall have been ordered.

Section 4.      This local law shall take effect upon both the filing with the Secretary of State.

E. Merkley – sewer report

Eric Merkley, Chief Operator at the sewer plant, appeared before the Board. 


Equipment is being serviced.  The loader continues to leak hydraulic fluid and Mr. Merkley is working with Alta, who plans to send a repair person to look at it. 


T. Steed, B. White, Hunt Engineers regarding disinfection and headworks

 project and increase in cost


Mayor Keyes asked Engineers Steed and White to appear before the Board to answer questions the Board has pertaining to the increase cost to the sewer plant projects.


The brief history on this project is as follows.  This project began as a required UV disinfection process at a cost of $1,055,208, headworks was then added as a potential project at a cost of 915,587, making the total sewer project 1,970,795.  Both projects received grants of 700,664 (WQIP grant)  and 400,134 (WIIA grant)  making the grants total, $1,107,798.  Hunt suggested due to the increase in costs to add a 30% contingency, making the new project cost $2,329,200 (does not include grants).  This amount was approved by the Board and the Village went through all legal requirements to get the bonding amount approved for $2,329,200 in November-December 2021.  At the January 2023 Board meeting, the new estimate from Hunt was $2,702,364.  Mayor Keyes, Chief Operator Merkley, Clerk/Treasurer Reals, and Bernard Donegan Financial Advisors met with Hunt after the January Board meeting to discuss these increased costs. 




Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:


Since that meeting some emails have been exchanged and Hunt Engineering recommends to safely cover the cost of this project, the Board now needs to consider a bond resolution for $3,167,000 (added 30% contingency to the $2,702,364).  The resolution is required to include the full amount of the projects, although the grants will offset this cost by $1,107,798.  This equates to a total borrowing, if approved, of $2,059,202.  The Village has qualified for a hardship, so this borrowing would be interest free.  Over a twenty- year payback, the annual payment from the sewer fund would be estimated at $102,960.


Mr. White addressed the Board and suggested bidding the project with the required disinfection and the headworks as an alternate bid.  This would give more flexibility.  Mr. White suggest giving bidders four to six weeks to submit bids and that the Village set a time frame that bids remain good for.  This project will take more than one year to complete. 


Mr. Steed stated that Hunt is close to ready to re-submit the plans to DEC.  The representative for the Village from DEC recently changed and the new DEC representative had items he wanted included in the upgrade plans. 


Mr. Steed stated that the required disinfection date is May 2024 for completion. 


Trustee Linsner asked why the MPG (million gallons per day) increased from 0.75 to 1.25/mpg.  Mr. Steed explained the 1.25/mpg is for a peak high.  This change also had to do with the clarifier size as well. 


Mr. Steed explained that the Village has some special constraints, as the Village has two lines to the same outfall.  99% of the time only one line will be used, but DEC wants all the outfall to go through the disinfection unit.


Mr. Steed hopes that this project will not cost $3,167,000 and if the money does not get spent, then it does not get included in the long-term borrowing amount. 


Mr. Steed explained that also part of the increase in cost is the change to the location of the proposed headworks. 


Mr. White explained that the disinfection process will be used approximately six months a year. 


Mr. Steed explained that there may be additional WQIP grant funds available after July 2023.


Mr. Steed stated that DEC has asked for headworks on several reports in the past, and although this is not mandated, DEC could enforce this  down the road, if problems occurred.  Mr. Steed stated that there is potential for violations down the road, if headworks are not in place.




            At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Clifton Springs, Ontario County, New York, held at the Village Offices in Clifton Springs, New York, on the 13th day of February, 2023:


            PRESENT:  Mayor James Keyes, Trustee Earl Lincoln, Trustee Jeffrey Linsner, Trustee Bryan Gray, Trustee Brian Rickerson

            ABSENT: None


Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:

            Trustee Rickerson presented the following resolution and duly moved that it be adopted and was seconded by Trustee Lincoln:




            WHEREAS, the purpose hereinafter described consists of sewer system capital improvements authorized to be undertaken by the Village Board of Trustees pursuant to the Village Law;

            WHEREAS, pursuant to a bond resolution dated November 15, 2021 (the “Original Bond Resolution”), the Board of Trustees of the Village of Clifton Springs, New York (hereinafter referred to as the “Village”) approved expenditures for, and the issuance and sale of, up to $2,329,200 aggregate principal amount of general obligation bonds and bond anticipation notes relative to the construction of sewer system capital improvements;

            WHEREAS, actual project costs have proved to be approximately $837,800 higher than the maximum estimated project costs and the Village desires to provide for the financing thereof by supplementing the Original Bond Resolution by the adoption of this Supplemental Bond Resolution;

            WHEREAS, the Village, acting as lead agency under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and the applicable regulations promulgated thereunder (“SEQRA”), has completed its environmental review and, on September 14, 2020, has duly adopted a negative declaration with respect to the type I action and has determined that the implementation of the action as proposed will not result in any significant adverse environmental impacts; now therefor, be it

            RESOLVED BY THE VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF CLIFTON SPRINGS, NEW YORK (hereinafter referred to as the “Village”), by the favorable vote of not less than two-thirds of all of the members of such Board, as follows:

            Section 1.      The Village of Clifton Springs shall undertake the construction of sewer system improvements, including, without limitation, manhole improvements, cured in place pipeline improvements, and installation of new UV disinfection system, new headworks system, and the acquisition of original furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus, or the replacement of such equipment, machinery or apparatus, and other incidental improvements that may be required in connection therewith for such construction and Village use, as set forth in the Original Bond Resolution (hereinafter referred to as “purpose”), in an additional amount not to exceed $837,800 and additional general obligation serial bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $837,800 and bond anticipation notes in anticipation thereof (and renewals thereof) of the Village are now hereby authorized to be issued to finance such additional costs of said purpose and said additional amount is hereby appropriated therefor.




Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:

            Section 2.      The estimated aggregate maximum cost of said purpose, including preliminary costs and costs incidental thereto and costs of the financing thereof, is now estimated to be $3,167,000.  The plan for financing of said purpose is to provide (i) up to $2,329,200 of such maximum cost by the issuance of bonds or bond anticipation notes as authorized under the Original Bond Resolution,  and (ii) up to $837,800 of such maximum cost by the issuance of bonds or bond anticipation notes as herein authorized.

            Section 3.      It is hereby determined and declared that (a) said purpose is one of the class of objects or purposes described in Subdivision 4 of Paragraph (a) of Section 11.00 of the Local Finance Law, and that the period of probable usefulness of said purpose is thirty (30) years, (b) the proposed maximum maturity of said bonds authorized by this resolution will be in excess of five years, (c) current funds required to be provided prior to the issuance of the bonds or notes herein authorized, pursuant to Section 107.00 of the Local Finance Law, to the extent applicable, if any, will be provided, (d) the notes herein authorized are not issued in anticipation of bonds for an assessable improvement, and (e) there are presently no outstanding bond anticipation notes issued in anticipation of the sale of said bonds.

            Section 4.      The bonds and notes authorized by this resolution shall contain the recital of validity prescribed in Section 52.00 of the Local Finance Law and such bonds and notes shall be general obligations of the Village and all the taxable real property in the Village is subject to the levy of ad valorem taxes to pay the principal thereof, and interest thereon, without limitation as to rate or amount, subject to statutory limitations, if any.

            Section 5.      It is hereby determined and declared that the Village reasonably expects to reimburse the general fund, or such other fund as may be utilized, not to exceed the maximum amount authorized herein, from the proceeds of the obligations authorized hereby for expenditures, if any, from such fund that may be made for the purpose prior to the date of the issuance of such obligations.  This is a declaration of official intent under Treasury Regulation §1.150-2.

            Section 6.      The power to further authorize the sale, issuance and delivery of said bonds and notes and to prescribe the terms, form and contents of said bonds and notes, including, without limitation, the power to contract and issue indebtedness pursuant to §169.00 of the Local Finance Law, if applicable, the consolidation with other issues, the determination to issue bonds with substantially level or declining annual debt service, whether to authorize the receipt of bids in an electronic format, all contracts for, and determinations with respect to, credit or liquidity enhancements, if any, and to sell and deliver said bonds and notes, subject to the provisions of this resolution and the provisions of the Local Finance Law, is hereby delegated to the Village Treasurer, the Village’s chief fiscal officer.  The Village Treasurer and the Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk are hereby authorized to sign by manual or facsimile signature and attest any bonds and notes issued pursuant to this resolution, and are hereby authorized to affix to such bonds and notes the corporate seal of the Village of Clifton Springs.

            Section 7.      The faith and credit of the Village of Clifton Springs, New York, are hereby irrevocably pledged for the payment of the principal of and interest on such bonds and notes as the same respectively become due and payable.  An annual appropriation shall be made in each year sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on such obligations becoming due and payable in such year.

            Section 8.      After compliance with Section 9 hereof, this resolution, or a summary hereof, shall be published in full by the Village Clerk of the Village of Clifton Springs together with a notice in substantially the form prescribed by Section 81.00 of said Local Finance Law, and such publication shall be in each official newspaper of the Village, in the manner prescribed by law.  The validity of said bonds and bond anticipation notes issued in anticipation of the sale of said serial bonds, may be contested only if such obligations are authorized for an object or purpose for which said Village is not authorized

Meeting of  February 13, 2023 continued:

to expend money, or the provisions of law which should be complied with, at the date of publication of this resolution are not substantially complied with, and an action, suit or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within twenty (20) days after the date of such publication; or if said obligations are authorized in violation of the provisions of the Constitution.

            Section 9.      This resolution is subject to a permissive referendum of the qualified electors of the Village of Clifton Springs, pursuant to Section 36.00 of the Local Finance Law.

            The motion having been duly seconded, it was adopted and the following votes were cast:

                                                                        AYE                            NAY

Mayor James Keyes voted                         X

Trustee Earl Lincoln voted                         X

Trustee Jeffrey Linsner voted                    X

Trustee Bryan Gray voted                          X

Trustee Brian Rickerson voted                  X

This resolution was Carried. 

Trustee Gray requested that Hunt Engineering apply for the WQIP grant in July 2023.  Mr. Steed stated that Hunt would do this, and the Village should hear results by December 2023. 



Sulphur Springs Festival – YMCA

Letter from the YMCA with street closure requests for the Sulphur Springs Festival on June 2 and June 3, 2023. 


The Board agreed to the street closures for this event.  The Board would like Chief Upchurch and DPW Supervisor Lannon will coordinate this.


Festival insurance and alcohol liability

The Village intended to inquire about who is ensuring this event (in the past it has been the Village and also inquire about alcohol (if they are having the wine – beer tastings - in the past the vendors have provided their certificates of insurance to the chairman of the festival – who then provides them to the village’s insurance company to make sure they are acceptable).  The Board inadvertently did not get these answers before Mr. Freelove left the meeting.  These answers will still be needed.


Copy of Local law 1-2023

 For the public hearing , copy of Local Law 1-2023, amending vehicle and traffic code.  This is to change the code book regarding alleyway and Village Drive.


Reviewed and adopted during the public hearing. 


Sewer plant items for bonding decision

For the sewer plant bonding discussion. Many emails have been shared, this information was provided for the sewer [lant discussion and decision.

A.    Answers to several important questions that Trustee Rickerson asked Hunt engineering to respond to.

B.   Email of the two most recent estimates for UV Disinfection and Headworks and an explanation to the cost increase from Hunt engineering.



Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:


C.   Copy of a possible bond resolution to change the bonding amount from 2,329,.200 to 3,167,000.  Note this requires 2/3 of the entire voting strength from the Board. 

D.   Copy of the proposed payback schedule, if the 3.167M is approved, as prepared by the financial advisor, Bernard Donegan’s office.


Reviewed.  See privilege of the floor for this discussion and decision.


RAER – refund in taxes

 Letter and documentation from Ontario County Real Property. 


Reviewed.  A human error was made by the Town of Phelps assessor, she forgot to add an agricultural exemption and a tax refund of $761.29 is due RAER Corporation.  Motion was  made by Trustee Gray 2nd by Trustee Linsner to issue the refund due RAER Corporation in the amount of $761.29.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried. 


Park – “Release of Condition”

Copy of the “Release of Condition” signed by G.W. Lisk Company that removes a condition that was on the John Brown and John Fabrizi parks.  This is a legal document, and this has been filed with the County.


Reviewed.  This eliminates the need for a park advisory committee and places all operations of the John Brown Park and John Fabrizi Park with the Village Board.  This is how the park has operated, but the deed restriction was in place since 1990.  This release is also in the abstract file on this parcel of property on the office of the Clerk.


Property tax exemption for Volunteer Fire Fighters

Questions from Attorney Jeff Graff, that the Board needs to answer, before he can proceed with the property tax exemption for volunteer fire fighters.


The Board answered these questions.  The Village is interested in proceeding with a local law to offer this.  Clerk Reals will continue to work with the Village attorney, who will draft the local law once he has all the information he needs.


Community Bank – closing Main Stret branch

Letter from Community Bank, that states they are closing the Main Street branch on April 28, 2023.  The Community Bank at the plaza will re-open the lobby and continue to operate the drive thru.


The Board authorized Clerk Reals and Deputy Clerk Rider to discuss options with other banks.  All final banking decisions are made by the Village Board.


Request for “Stop Ahead” sign on Pleasant Street

Information from J. Roth requesting a “stop ahead” sign on Pleasant Street, near West Main Street. 


This has request was taken care of, on the day the request was made.


2022 Building Department report

2022 Building Department report, prepared by Steve DeHond.


Reviewed.  The Board appreciates this report and seeing the comparisons between the Villages and the Town for building growth.


Main Street closure 4/29/23 10AM- 2PM

Copy of the memo that was sent out to the businesses that will be affected by the street closure for the corvette club gathering on April 29, 2023, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.




Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:




NYS Department of Health – water training

Letter from the Department of Health regarding upcoming training on the  water supply. 


Reviewed.  This letter was also mailed to Water Supervisor Jason Lannon.


Certificate of Training for Planning Board members

Copy of the training certificate for D. Tornow Coffee  and J. Feligno– Planning Board members


Reviewed.  The Board appreciates that members take the training that is required by the State.


Real Property tax exemptions

Copy of the real property tax exemptions that people may be eligible for in the County.


The Village seems to be comparable to most of the villages in the county, except for the Senior Citizen exemption.  Clerk Reals has heard from some senior citizens in the Village, now that senior citizens have gotten an increase in social security, some seniors will lose this exemption.  Currently the Villages income amount for senior citizens is $20K.  The Board reviewed all the senior citizens exemption rates that are granted in the county.  Trustee Gray recommend following the exemption that the Village of Shortsville offers, which is a sliding scale between $24,000 and $29,700.  Clerk Reals explained that exemptions can only change by local law.  Clerk Reals was instructed to work with Attorney Graff and have the Attorney draft a law to change the exemption to the sliding scale from $24,000 to $29,700.  The Board looked at all other real property exemptions and felt they were in line with what other communities in the county are offering.


Planning Board minutes from February 1, 2023

Copy of the Planning Board minutes from February 1, 2023.




Hunt Engineering- sewer project – soil borings

From Hunt Engineering, information on a recommendation for sub-surface geotechnical investigation recommendation for the sewer plant project, cost is $6,600.


Reviewed.  The Board authorized Mayor Keyes to sign the agreement to proceed with the sub surface geotechnical investigation, at a cost not to exceed $6,600.


STREET DEPARTMENT:   Trustee Lincoln report was covered under privilege of the floor.

WATER DEPARTMENT:    Trustee Lincoln report was covered under privilege of the


SEWER DEPARTMENT:   Trustee Rickerson report was covered under privilege of the floor and correspondences.

ZONING & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS:   Trustee Gray report was covered under



FIRE DEPARTMENT: Trustee Linsner reported the following:


The fire department would like to begin the discussion on possible ladder truck replacement. 


The fire department has indicated that they are not interested in using the sign the Board that was suggested for a digital sign, because they are concerned people won’t

Meeting on February 13, 2023 continued:


associate it with the department.  The Board made no decision on changing out the sign that is closest to the fire house to a digital sign. 


The Board would like the department to come before the Board to discuss the truck, sign and proposed building. 


The Board asked Clerk Reals to see if a couple members of the department could attend the May meeting to discuss these items.


See correspondence for discussion on possible fire fighter exemption.


PARK – YOUTH DEPARTMENT:   See privilege of the floor.


SOCIAL MEDIA:  Nothing was reported.


POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Chief Upchurch is working on having a company bring a demonstration radar trailer to the Village.


COURT DEPARTMENT:  Follow up from the January meeting, where a resident asked the Board to consider dissolving the Village court.


Discussion was held and Trustee Gray is concerned that there is little interest from any resident to run for this office.  This is the third year that no one has submitted a petition to be on the ballot.


Mayor Keyes is concerned about what will happen with court, once Chief Upchurch fully retires.


Clerk Reals explained that Judge Smithing recently attended a class on ethics and now it is recommended that that Chief not serve as the bailiff at court. 


Trustee Linsner stated he does not like the idea of getting rid of the court.


Trustee Lincoln made a motion to start the process to dissolve the Village court, 2nd by Trustee Gray.  Mayor Keyes asked for a vote which resulted in Trustee Lincoln voting AYE, Trustee Gray voting AYE, Trustee Linsner voting NAY, Trustee Rickerson voting NAY and Mayor Keyes voting AYE.  THIS VOTE WAS RESCINDED. 


After further discussion, the Board agreed they would like to have discussions with the court clerk, the judge and the attorney before making any final decision on court.


Motion was made by Trustee Gray 2nd by Trustee Lincoln to rescind the motion to start to the process to dissolve the court until the Mayor has further discussion with the court clerk, the judge and the attorney and brings back information on that discussion to the Board.  All members present voting AYE. 


MAYOR KEYES REPORT:  Mayor Keyes reported was covered throughout

the meeting.


CLERK REALS REPORT: Clerk Reals provided the Board members a copy of the abstracts thru January and year to date revenue and expenses thru January and bank statement for January.  



Short term rentals

Steve DeHond, Code Enforcement Officer, would like the Board to consider other definitions for short term rental.  The definition adopted in the local law is somewhat broad.  When reviewing the short term rental law, the Board had seen definitions that were more detailed.  The Board authorized Clerk Reals to reach out to Attorney Graff


Meeting of February 13, 2023 continued:


for a more detailed definition of short-term rental.  Clerk Reals reminded the Board any change can only be done through a local law.  



Trustee Lincoln asked if the Board would like to look into a video conferencing local law.  The Board could meet via zoom or web ex etc., during the covid public emergency, but Board’s can no longer do this, unless a local law is in place.


The Board asked Clerk Reals to obtain more information on this and then the Board will discuss this further. 


Transfer of funds

Motion was made by Trustee Lincoln 2nd by Trustee Linsner that Clerk Reals be, and she is hereby authorized to transfer funds between the following appropriations as follows:


From G1990.4 to G1420.4                         210.50


All members present voting AYE.  Carried.



There being no further business to come before the Board, motion made by Trustee Lincoln 2nd by Trustee Linsner to adjourn.  All members present voting AYE.  Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,  


Lori A. Reals




1 West Main Street
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
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Fax number (315) 462-6235
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