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May 28,  2024

A special meeting of the Village Board held on the above date was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, NY  14432.    

Presiding:                              Mayor James Keyes

Village Trustees Present:    Bryan Gray, Brian Rickerson, Jeff Linsner

Village Trustees Absent:     Earl Lincoln

Also Attending:                     Fire Chief Paul Conklin, 1st Assistant Chief Wayne Conklin, 2nd Assistant Chief Jeff Guard, Captain JT Tunnicliff, Past Chief Kodey Clark, Fire Fighter Kyle Finizio, these firefighters are all members of the truck committee and Town of Phelps Supervisor Bill Wellman


This meeting was advertised in THE FINGER LAKES TIMES, on the Village website, on

the sign board and posted on the front door.


The purpose of this meeting is to begin the discussion on the possibility of the Village of

Clifton Springs purchasing a used 2012 ladder truck.


Chief Paul Conklin informed the Board that members of the truck committee saw this

truck when they recently attended a fire truck show in Pennsylvania.


Chief Paul Conklin informed the Board that the Department applied for a grant to be

used toward a truck, new or used.  The grant application is for 950K.  This is an all or

nothing grant.  The Department hopes that notices of successful grants should begin in

June and end in September. 


Discussion was held on, would it be best to wait and see if a grant is received as the

grant can be used toward used equipment or do we proceed with looking at this truck,

so the opportunity to purchase the 2012 truck isn’t missed.


Trustee Linsner asked what the Department thinks the best option would be.


Former Chief Clark stated that this puts the Department in a spot because if you

purchase this now and find out later the Department is awarded a grant, it would be a

problem because you can’t use the grant money toward a truck that has already been



The Department indicated the original sale price of the 2012 truck was 995K, reduced to

899K and at the show the price was 799,900. 


2nd Assistant Chief Guard informed the Board that two municipalities merged and the

new Department in PA did not need this 2012 ladder truck.  It seems this truck did not

move much, as it has low mileage.  Also, they have been told the truck was traded in

toward two new trucks the PA Department received.


1st Assistant Chief Wayne Conklin stated the 2012 truck was between 600K-700K when

it was new and the Department would hope to get between five and seven years out of

the truck, before it might need some work.


The 2012 PA truck has 10,900 miles and 189 aerial hours.  The current Clifton Springs

ladder truck is a 1993, with 30,000 miles, 4,700 engine hours and 1,263 aerial hours.


2nd Assistant Chief Guard indicated a problem with the current ladder truck is trying to

get parts for the truck.  If  a part can’t be located, the truck can be out of service for

some time, while waiting on the parts.  Recently the Department got lucky because

someone knew where a part was that the current ladder truck needed.



Meeting of May 18, 2024 continued:


Trustee Linsner stated that Trustee Lincoln (absent) would like an independent third

party to look at the truck.  All agreed this was a good idea.


1st Assistant Chief Wayne Conklin stated the Department is aware that bid specs would

need to be drawn up and any purchase would require following the bidding process.


Captain JT Tunnicliff stated that the Department has been looking for a while and this is

the first truck they have found that they are interested in that would meet the

Department needs.


2nd Assistant Chief Guard indicated the PA truck was painted from green to red.  The

Department also learned the truck had dirty def (diesel exhaust fluid), but it was

because the truck wasn’t moving much, so it wasn’t getting hot enough.  Also, he has

learned the truck has a good motor, and new brakes four years ago.  Seems the biggest

issue with the truck is that it sits. 


2nd Assistant Chief Guard believes some people could go back to PA to take a

closer look at the PA truck.


Former Chief Clark stated with the price hikes to fire trucks, that Department are holding

on to their trucks longer.


Trustee Gray inquired about the cost of a new ladder truck, which is now approximately

2.5 million dollars and a four year wait to receive. 


1st Assistant Chief Paul Conklin said the PA Department bought a new truck and the

cost was 2.2 million and holds no water or foam. 


Trustee Rickerson asked if the Department thought this ladder truck could run for the

 next 18-20 years.  The Department answered that they think so.


1st Assistant Chief Wayne Conklin indicated this truck is one revolution back.  The

current 1993 ladder is two revolutions back.


2nd Assistant Jeff Guard stated that the Department prefers a stainless-steel body, but

today you might have to go with aluminum due to costs.  This PA truck holds 400

gallons of water and you can do a lot at a fire scene with four hundred gallons of water. 


1st Assistant Chief Wayne Conklin anticipates some announcement in the next couple of

weeks on round one of the grant funding.


A discussion was held on funding.  Clerk Reals had put some information together.  The

Board and the Department reviewed this.


The Village currently has in a CD reserve for a truck, $139,700, plus interest earned in the last one year of 6,760, plus 50,000 deposited into CD on May 24, 2024 (per 2023-2024 budget), plus 86,000 (that is in the budget for 2024-2025) = 282,460.


Cost of truck             800,000

less cash available 282,460

Amount needed        517,540


Discussion was held on that the $517,540, could very well be high, depending on unknows such as:


·         Does the village want to consider using some additional funds from the fund balance?

·         Does the department plan to contribute toward this purchase?

·         What can the existing 1993 ladder truck be sold for?

·         Is the Lisk Morris Foundation an option to ask for a local grant?


Meeting of May 28, 2024 continued:


$517,540 divided by five-year payback = 103,508 payment per year, plus interest.  Interest on this size of borrowing will be substantial. Trustee Gray estimates 7-8%, so getting the borrowing amount down as much as possible really is very important.


Trustee Linsner suggested that the Department go back to PA and take a closer look at this truck. 


Chief Paul Conklin suggested bringing a mechanic who has recently retired from working on fire trucks and having him take a look.


Mayor Keyes asked what is the value of the current 1993 ladder truck.


2nd Assistant Chief Jeff Guard estimated 25K-50K, as the motor and transmission have some value.


Mayor Keyes asked what the Department was willing to contribute to this. 


Chief Conklin stated the membership has not discussed this yet.


Discussion was held on whether this possible purchase would meet the mission of the Lisk Morris Foundation.  It was agreed that Chief Conklin, Mayor Keyes and Clerk Reals would reach out to Lisk and inquire about this.


1st Assistant Chief Wayne Conklin thought people should begin working on these items, because if a grant is received, the grant people want you to be ready to proceed.


Discussion was held on what truck would be needed after the ladder truck.  The best guess is 511 (pumper) would be next, it is a 2003 and the Department thinks it should be replaced in 2032.  Depending on the payback schedule of this proposed truck,  you may have 3 years to save funds.  After that, most likely 512 (pumper) this is a 2014 and should be replaced around 2044. 


Captain JT Tunnicliff reminded everyone that these are goals only.


Trustee Linsner asked if this all moved forward would it make sense to reduce the current fleet size by one truck.  Trustee Linsner questioned would it make sense to reduce now and not wait until 2032.


2nd Assistant Chief Jeff Guard indicated he would look into this and see what the current value of the 2003 pumper would be.


Chief Conklin stated that the 1993 ladder was recently out for repairs that cost 20K and the truck was out of service for five weeks.  It is estimated that the truck was out of service for three months in the last year – due to repairs. 


Discussion was held on how many members are trained to drive and operate the ladder truck.  Currently there are eight members with two more in training.


Discussion was held on how many active fire fighters does the Department have.  Currently twenty-three active members.


Trustee Linsner asked how many drivers can drive other trucks?  Approximately twelve or up.  Truck 511 is a steppingstone to driving other fire trucks. 


Discussion was held on the bidding process. Clerk Reals was instructed to reach out to Attorney Graff to get directions on this process.


The Department thanked the Board for their time and discussion will continue on this.



Meeting of May 28, 2024 continued:



There being no further business to come before the Board, motion made by Trustee Linsner 2nd by Trustee Rickerson to adjourn.  All members present voting AYE.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Lori A. Reals



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