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July 8, 2019

A regular meeting of the Village Board held on the above date was called to order at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, NY  14432.

Presiding:                              Bill Hunter, Mayor

Board Members Present:   Dan Blondell, Jim Keyes, Jeff Linsner, Earl Lincoln

Board Members Absent:     None

Also Attending:                     Brian Passalacqua, Jennifer Carlson, Ruth Donk, Coby Reals

Minutes:                                 The minutes of the meeting of June 10, 2019 were approved upon motion by Trustee Blondell 2nd by Linsner.   All members present voted AYE.  Carried. 

Vouchers:                              General, Water and Sewer Vouchers #71 through #138   approved for payment by Trustee Lincoln 2nd by Trustee Keyes.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried.                                                                                                                                   

General Fund =                    $  27,523.16

Water Fund =                        $  38,788.87

Sewer Fund =                       $ 13,247.98



Brian Passalacqua – discussion on vegetation

Brian Passalacqua, Village resident, appeared before the Board to discuss vegetation concerns.    


Mr. Passalacqua feels that the Village and the citizens have been  little lax and that some area’s need trimming.  Mr. Passalacqua is concerned about low limbs that are hanging and about overgrowth around village street signs and directional signs (i.e. Stop, Yield etc.) Mr. Passalacqua sited the “Stop” sign on Park Street and Maple Avenue as an example, of a sign that has overgrowth and the stop sign is difficult to see.  Mr. Passalacqua is also concerned about the same situation with a “Stop” sign on North Park Street and Ladue Avenue.  Mr. Passalacqua stated he voiced these concerns last year and nothing has been done.  


Mr. Passalacqua is also concerned about overgrowth in “gardens”.  Some residents are allowing parts of their yards to become overgrown and referring to these areas as a garden.  Mr. Passalacqua would like the Street Supervisor and Code Enforcement to work together to clean up some of these areas.  Mr. Passalacqua would like everyone to do their part.  Mr. Passalacqua stated that the Village is very nice, but he is concerned about the tall grass and the vegetation around the signs in some yards.


The Board will address the concerns about the signs with Jason Lannon, Street Supervisor.  No decision was made regarding the tall grass in residential gardens.


F.L.A.C.R.A. – Administrative Building – Kendall Street

Jennifer Carlson, FLACRA CEO and Ruth Donk, FLACRA CFO, appeared before the Board.  Mrs. Donk informed the Board that FLACRA has outgrown the space they have

at 28 East Main Street.  FLACRA has been doing a major renovation project at 28 East Main Street to expand the number of inpatient beds for people in need of drug and alcohol treatment.  The renovations have been going well but with this expansion FLACRA moved the Administrative staff out of 28 East Main Street and into a temporary space at the Professional Park on Kendall Street. 


Mrs. Donk informed the Board that FLACRA tried for a long period of time to purchase land on Route 96, but they were unsuccessful.  An opportunity presented itself for FLACRA to purchase a property on Kendall Street, in the commercial district.  FLACRA intends to purchase this property.  At this time a Doctor is occupying the space, and this will continue.  FLACRA would like to build  a new building for administration behind the

Meeting of July 8, 2019 continued:


existing building.  Mrs. Donk stated that eventually FLACRA would also move into the existing building also. 


Mrs. Donk informed the Board that this project needs site plan approval from the Village Planning Board.  FLACRA hopes to begin the Planning Board process in August 2019.  Mrs. Donk indicated that FLACRA is still working on the funding options and that FLACA cannot begin any building until the funding process has been approved. 


Mayor Hunter questioned the current parking problem that FLACRA has on Teft Avenue.  Mrs. Donk is aware of the problem and is hopeful that some funding will be available to add 8-10 parking spots to the existing parking lot at 28 East Main Street. 


FLACRA was present as a courtesy to keep the Village Board informed on their upcoming project.  The Board appreciates this.


Coby Reals – “Night Terrors”

Coby Reals, Village resident, appeared before the Board.  Mr. Reals thanked the Board for allowing him to host “Night Terrors” on the 3rd floor of the Village Hall.  Mr. Reals asked for permission to hold “Night Terrors” again in October of 2019.  The Board had no objection.  Mr. Reals insures this event and provides a certificate of insurance to the Village.  Mr. Reals donated the monies raised from this event to local charities. 



NYS Environmental Facilities Corp – Engineering Grant

Information from New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation regarding the Engineering Planning grant. 


The Board reviewed the EPG Grant Program paperwork for an Engineering Planning Grant for the sewer plant.  This is a grant between NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation and the Village of Clifton Springs.  The purpose of the grant is to evaluate disinfection alternatives and recommend improvements to the Village of Clifton Springs wastewater treatment system.  A disinfection process is now being required in  wastewater treatment plants. The Board authorized Mayor Hunter and Clerk Reals so sign the documents as needed to proceed with the grant.


Letter of Resignation from Planning Board Chairman Jacob Amidon

Letter of resignation from Jacob Amidon, Planning Board Chairman. 


The Board accepted Jacob Amidon resignation with regrets and appreciates and thanks Jacob Amidon for all his hard work and dedication as a member of the Planning Board and as Chairman of the Planning Board for many years. 


Downtown - Main Street- Sidewalk concern

Letter from Molly McNear, 25 Teft Avenue, with a concern about sidewalk near Community Bank on Main Street. 


Supervisor Lannon has looked at this area and will investigate replacing this sidewalk.


Request for sidewalk on East Main Street

Letter from Teresa Rodgers (outside village resident) asking for sidewalks on East Main Street toward County Road 13.


The Board reviewed this request.  Currently the Village does not intend to install sidewalks on East Main Street.


Sky Liu – Stephens Street- permit for chickens

Letter from Sky Liu, Stephens Street, asking to be able to continue to have chickens.


Reviewed and granted with the following conditions:


Meeting of July 8, 2019 continued:

·         The permit is for no more than eight (8) chickens, and no roosters.


·         The chickens are to be housed behind the home in a shed/chicken coop. No free-range chickens are allowed.


·         The permit is good for one year from June 2019 until July 2020.  As a reminder the Village code reads as follows: Section 49.1A, of the Village Code “Such special permit may be granted for a period of one year unless it shall appear from complaints of neighbors or otherwise that the keeping of the animal in question is objectionable or offensive by reason of noise, smell or other cause.  Such a special permit shall be revocable at any time by the Board of Trustees.”


·         After a one-year period, should the permit still be in effect, you are responsible to appear or write to the Board for the permit to continue.


Thank you – Family Promise

Email from Bill Burns, Ontario County Family Promise, thanking the Board for another successful week of Clifton Springs churches hosting a homeless family at Wellspring Church.


Reviewed.  The Board appreciates the note of thanks.


Planning Board minutes

Copy of the Planning Board minutes from June 12, 2019.




Thank you – Finger Lakes Television

Thank you from Finger Lakes Television. 


Reviewed.  This is for the money the Village provided to FLCC public TV as part of the franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable.


Tuition reimbursement policy

From Trustee Keyes, a copy of the tuition reimbursement policy from Wayne ARC.


The Board reviewed this.  No decisions were made.  The Village will investigate if a tuition reimbursement plan is even allowed with municipalities.  Clerk Reals will investigate this with Attorney Graff.


STREET DEPARTMENT:  Trustee Lincoln reported the following:


Various items completed

The crew has cleaned up and removed some trees at Memorial Park.  The Veteran’s banners have been taken down and summer banners are up.  Veteran’s banners will go back up for Veterans day.  The crew will start working on sidewalks on Ladue Avenue and Crane Street soon.  A large catch basin has been repaired on Main Street. 


WATER DEPARTMENT:  Trustee Lincoln reported the following:


Various items completed

All old water digs have been permanently patched.  The driveway around the water

tanks will be sealed.  The water tanks will be power washed before the sealing is

completed.  A new  water service may be installed at 25 Hibbard Avenue.


SEWER DEPARTMENT:   Trustee Blondell reported the following:




Meeting of July 8, 2019 continued:

Hiring of J.T. Conners - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee

Chief Operator Eric Merkley has interviewed people and recommends

the hiring of J.T. Conners.  Motion was made by Trustee Blondell 2nd by Trustee Linsner to hire J.T. Conners as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee at a rate of pay of $15.00 hour.  Mr. Conners will start August 5, 2019.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried. 


Hiring of Josh Akins – part time laborer

With the recent resignation of Patrick King, Chief Operator Merkley recommends the Village hire Josh Akins to assist in the rotation of weekend duty.  Motion was made by Trustee Blondell 2nd by Trustee Linsner to hire Josh Akins as a part time laborer at a rate of pay of $20.00/hour.  Chief Merkley will inform Clerk Reals of Mr. Akins start date.  Mr. Akins is knowledgeable in wastewater and will continue working full time for another municipality.


ZONING & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS:   See other business for appointment of

Planning Board Chairman. 


FIRE DEPARTMENT: Trustee Linsner reported the following: 

Trailer 562– not yet sold

The Fire Department still intends to sell the trailer 562.  The Board declared this surplus equipment a couple months ago.  As of this meeting the trailer has not yet been sold.  The department is considering advertising this on face book, but the department has not made a final decision.


PARK – YOUTH DEPARTMENT:   Trustee Linsner reported the following: 


Jacob Wright completed Eagle Scout project

Jacob Wright has completed the installation of a flagpole with a light as well as a

sidewalk leading to the flagpole and plantings at the John Brown Park.  This project

was proposed by Jacob Wright as his Eagle Scout Project.  The Board is very pleased

with how the project was completed and is very satisfied with the outcome.  The

Board appreciates Mr. Wrights hard work and stated the project is a nice improvement

to the park.


SOCIAL MEDIA:  Trustee Keyes reported the following:


Trustee Keyes is continuing to work on a face book page for the Village.  Trustee Keyes is also working with Nathan Dingy as Mr. Dingy has kindly offered to update the Village website site and maintain it.  Trustee Keyes is hopeful that both projects will be up and running in the next couple months. 


POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Mayor Hunter reported the following: 


The Board received the Police Department monthly activity report for June as well

as a work schedule for July.


MAYOR HUNTER REPORT:  Mayor Hunter reported was covered through- out the



CLERK REALS REPORT: Clerk Reals provided the Board with zoning violation letters, payroll worksheets, fire department report for June and solar year to date thru July 8, 2019.


Transfer of Funds

Motion was made by Trustee Keyes 2nd by Trustee Linsner that Clerk Reals be, and she is hereby authorized to transfer funds between the following appropriations as follows:


From A5110.4 to A5112.2                          $3,389.27

All members present voting AYE.  Carried.

Meeting of July 8, 2019 continued:




Justice Court Book presented

On behalf of Associate Justice Doreen Smithling, Clerk Reals presented to the Village Board the Village of Clifton Springs Associate Justice Accounting Books for the Village Board to review from January 1, 2018 thru December 31, 2018.  The Board reviewed the book of Associate Justice Doreen Smithling .  All members present had the opportunity to review the detailed ledger book and bank statements of Associate Justice Doreen Smithling.


Resignation of Trustee Daniel Blondell

Trustee Blondell verbally informed the Board that after much consideration he is resigning from his office as Village Trustee.  Trustee Blondell will provide a letter in writing, but his resignation is effective immediately.  Mayor Hunter and the Board appreciate the 18 years of service Trustee Blondell has provided and wish him success.  Trustee Blondell suggested Mayor Hunter consider appointing Bryan Gray as Village Trustee, until a special election can be held on March 2020.  Trustee Blondell suggests Mr. Gray because of his strong financial background.  Mayor Hunter asked Clerk Reals to arrange for a meeting time between Mayor Hunter and Mr. Gray. 


Appointment of Daniel Blondell to Planning Board Chairman

With the recent resignation of Jacob Amidon as Planning Board Chairman and with Daniel Blondell having reigned as Village Trustee, Mayor Hunter appointed Daniel Blondell as Planning Board Chairman, effective immediately.  Mr. Blondell has served as Village Trustee and has been the liaison between the Village Board and the Planning and Zoning Board for many years, so he is very familiar with the processes involved with the Planning Board.  Mr. Blondell verbally accepted this appointment and will fill the vacancy of Jacob Amidon.



There being no further business to come before the Board, motion made by Trustee Lincoln 2nd by Trustee Blondell to adjourn.  All members present voting AYE.  Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 


 Lori A. Reals 






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