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March 13, 2017

A regular meeting of the Village Board held on the above date was called to order at 7:00 p.m at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, NY  14432.

Presiding:                              Bill Hunter, Mayor

Board Members Present:   Melissa Kumkey, Jeff Linsner, Dan Blondell

Board Members Absent:     Earl Lincoln

Minutes:                                 The minutes of the meeting of February 13, 2017 were approved upon motion by Trustee Linsner 2nd by Trustee Blondell.   All members present voted AYE.  Carried. 

Vouchers:                              General, Water and Sewer Vouchers #746 through #828, were approved for payment by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Blondell.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried.                                                                                                                                   

General Fund =                    $   72,661.06

Water Fund =                        $   33,091.85

Sewer Fund =                       $   13,836.26




Public Hearing on the 2017-2018 Budget

Mayor Hunter opened the public hearing at 7:00 p.m.  The hearing was properly advertised in THE DAILY MESSENGER on February 26, 2017. 

No people present appeared before the Board for the public hearing. 

Discussion was held on the proposed 2017-2018 budget.  Motion was made by Trustee Blondell 2nd by Trustee Linsner to close the public hearing at 7:40 p.m.  All members present voting AYE.

Motion was made by Trustee Blondell 2nd by Trustee Linsner to adopt the 2017-2018 budget.  Mayor Hunter called for a roll call vote which resulted in Trustee Lincoln was not present, Trustee Kumkey voting AYE, Trustee Blondell voting AYE, Trustee Linsner voting AYE and Mayor Hunter voting AYE. Carried.

Budget for 2017-2018

General Fund = $1,486,022


Water Fund = $407,377


Sewer Fund = $431.750


TOTAL = $2,325,149

Tax Levy = $638,784 – which does not stay under the property tax cap. The Village did pass the local law to exceed the property tax cap.

                                                Tax Rate                    Equalization Rate    Change in tax rate

                                                                                                                        From 2016-2017

Town of Manchester           $6.756                        100%                          up .12/1,000

Town of Phelps                    $7.187                        100%                          up .18/1,000


No changes in water and sewer rates.  Water remains $33.00 for 0-5,000 gallons and then $5.15 for each 1,000 gallons thereafter and sewer remains $70.00 per unit.  Both are billed quarterly.

Meeting of March 13, 2017 continued:

Jeff Triplett request for water on Pearl Street Permissive Service Area

Jeff Triplett appeared before the Board.  Mr. Triplett has purchased land at 1931Pearl Street, outside the Village, and is asking to be receive water from the Village of Clifton Springs, thru the existing Permissive Service Area.


Mr. Triplett had a letter from the Town of Phelps that indicates Phelps is unable to provide water to him and that he should seek water from the Village of Clifton Springs.


The process to obtain water was explained to Mr. Triplett and he was provided the contact names and numbers at Department of Environmental Conservation.  Mr. Triplett will start the formal process with DEC, seeking permission to be added into the Pearl Street Permissive Service Area.


Jessica Clyde – 33 Crane Street – sewer charges

Jessica Clyde, owner of 33 Crane Street appeared before the Board.  Ms. Clyde’s home is a rental that has three rental units.  Ms. Clyde’s apartments are one bedroom apartments.  Ms. Clyde would like the Board to consider charging for sewer by water usage.  Mayor Hunter informed Ms. Clyde that the Village has looked into this before.  The sewer fund needs to be self sustaining and at this time charging by units allows the sewer fund to remain self sustaining. 


Rob Reals

Rob Reals, 45 Stephens Street, appeared before the Board.  Mr. Reals wanted the Board to know he remains concerned about the decision granted by the Zoning Board to allow Thompson Grain to build a grain tower.  Mr. Reals feels that the request of one person to build the grain tower superseded the many residents that attended the meeting or signed a petition asking the Zoning Board to deny the variance.  Mr. Reals appreciates that Jaylene Folkins and Brian Rickerson voted to deny the request, but the Board majority granted the request.  Mr. Reals thanked the Board for listening.


Maria Rudzinski & Jaylene Folkins

Maria Rudzinski, Ontario County Planning and Jaylene Folkins, Clifton Springs Zoning Chair, appeared before the Board.  They were present discuss the Rail Corridor.  Clerk Reals had electronically sent the DRAFT Ontario County Railway Corridor Development Plan and Generic Environmental Impact Statement to the Board members.  Clerk Reals provided Mayor Hunter a hard copy of the document.  The document has also been available on the counter at the Clerk’s office for the public. 


Discussion was held to consider all options for the railway corridor in Clifton Springs.  The Board discussed three options and all members agreed that that the rail corridor site doesn’t fit with the character of the village, due to potential noise, traffic, lighting proximity to residential houses, etc.  Also discussed were the constraints of the site with steep slopes, lack of a public street, no public water, no public sewer and federal wetlands in the area.  This area has a pre-existing non conforming use.  Discussion was held about agriculture being allowed in the Land Conservation zone.  The Board agrees that agriculture was allowed but what the area is being used as is a commercial facility.  Along with the rail corridor, the comprehensive plan and code updates will reflect the land use recommendations for Land Conservation/Open Space.


All Board members understand that the existing use on the site will remain in place. 


All members agreed that Attorney Jeff Graff is best suited to provide a formal resolution regarding the revisions to the rail corridor.  This item will be on the agenda for the next Village Board meeting.  Trustee Blondell will follow up with Attorney Graff.



2017-2018 Budget

Copy of the proposed 2017-2018 budget.  The public hearing was properly advertised in The DAILY MESSENGER on February 26, 2017.


Reviewed and accepted during the public hearing. 


Meeting of March 13, 2017 continued:


Copy of the inter-municipal agreement regarding the Comprehensive Plan

Copy of the inter-municipal agreement for with the Town and two other Villages pertaining to the comprehensive plan.


In July 2015 the Village agreed to share in the costs with two other villages and the Town of Manchester.  The Village’s share is 20%, which equals $9,006.00.  The Village paid their share of this agreement at this meeting.


Comments from Attorney Graff on the proposed zoning code

Comments from Attorney Graff in regards to the proposed new Zoning code.  This was passed on to Jaylene Folkins, Jacob Amidon and the Steinmetz Group.


Reviewed.  Trustee Blondell will follow up on this and ask that the consultant, Steinmetz Group, to please complete the items suggested by Attorney Graff.


Village’s fiscal stress score

Copy of the Village of Clifton Springs Fiscal Stress score. 


The Village is at a “No designation”, which is good.  The Board was pleased with this.


Invitation to the annual fire banquet

Invitation to all Board members to attend the Fire Department appreciation dinner on March 25. 


The Board appreciates the invitation.  Board members were reminded to RSVP by March 18 if they are planning to attend.


Invitation to the participate in the Sulphur Springs parade

Invitation to participate in the Sulphur Springs Parade. 


The parade will be June 3, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  Please let Clerk Reals know if you are planning to participate.


Thank you from the Historical Society

Thank you note from the historical society.


This note is thanking the Village for the $3,000 that was budgeted for the Historical Society.


Habitat for Humanity Seminar

Information from Habitat for Humanity. 


Habitat for Humanity held a seminar on 3/11/2017.  They are looking for people interested in the two homes that Habitat for Humanity plans to build at 10 Teft Avenue. 


Karen Wawrzaszek, chicken permit.

Request from Karen Wawrzaszek, 42 Stephens Street, to continue with her chicken permit and she also asked for the chickens to be free range.  The Board was agreeable to continuing the permit for chickens, but does not want the chickens within the Village to be free ranged at any locations.  Currently six residences have permits for chickens.


1)    The permit is for up to six chickens only, no roosters.

2)    The chickens are to be housed behind the home in a shed/chicken coop. No free range chickens.

3)    The permit is good for one year from March 2017 until March 2018.  As a reminder the Village code reads as follows: Section 49.1A, of the Village Code “Such special permit may be granted for a period of one year unless it shall appear from complaints of neighbors or otherwise that the keeping of the animal in question is


Meeting of March 13, 2017 continued:


objectionable or offensive by reason of noise, smell or other cause.  Such a special permit shall be revocable at any time by the Board of Trustees.”


4)After a one-year period, should the permit still be in effect, the Wawrzaszek’s are responsible to appear or write to the Board for the permit to continue.


Planning Board minutes from 3-8-2017

Copy of the Planning Board meeting minutes from March 8, 2017.




Copy of the meeting minutes and draft plan for Comprehensive Plan

Meeting minutes from February 28, 2017 and a copy of the draft of the Comprehensive plan.




STREET DEPARTMENT: Trustee Kumkey had nothing to report.


SEWER DEPARTMENT:   Mayor Hunter had nothing to report.


WATER DEPARTMENT: Trustee Blondell had nothing to report.


ZONING & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS:  Was covered under privilege of the floor

and correspondences. 


FIRE DEPARTMENT: Trustee Linsner reported the following:


Department looked a truck

The Department looked a pumper rescue fire truck.  The truck can transport 6 firefighters.  The estimated cost is $325,000 – with no extras. 


Truck Committee

Mayor Hunter would like Trustee Blondell, Trustee Linsner and Clerk Reals to work with the Fire Department truck committee in regards to the next fire truck purchase.  This sub - committee may change depending on the election results on March 21, 2017.  Clerk Reals was asked to find out what equipment the surrounding fire departments are using.



Clerk Reals met with Joe Hezel and Mike White (2nd meeting) to discuss the fire department insurance policy.  Joe Hezel, Geneva Insurance Company, requested to Mayor Hunter that he would like to submit a quote.  Chief Spence, Trustee Linsner and Clerk Reals previously met with Mr. Hezel and Mr. White. 


The quote for insurance submitted by Joe Hezel is comparable to what the Village is currently paying Anderson Van Horne Company.  The Board discussed this and all members present agreed that the prices are comparable, the Village is very satisfied with Anderson Van Horne and the service they have provided in the past and the Village does not want to separate the fire insurance policy with another carrier (prefer both fire and all other insurance are covered by the same entity).  The Village appreciates the time that Mr. Hezel took to prepare his quote.  The Board agreed at this time they will continue with coverage from Anderson Van Horne Company. 


PARK – YOUTH DEPARTMENT:   Clerk Reals reported the following:






Meeting of March 13, 2017 continued:


YMCA to hold summer recreation at G.W. Lisk Community Park

Todd Freelove, YMCA Director, has inquired about holding the free summer recreation

program at the G.W. Lisk Community Park this summer.  In the past it has been held at

the John Brown Park.  The YMCA would like to have a port a john for the summer

season at the park as well.  The Board was agreeable with the summer program and a

port a john at G.W. Lisk Park.


POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Trustee Lincoln was not present.  A March work schedule was submitted by Chief Upchurch. 


Consideration for “No Parking” on part of Pleasant Street

Mayor Hunter had asked Chief Scott Upchurch to attend this evening meeting to discuss “No Parking” on the upper section of Pleasant Street, at a minimum during the winter months.  The Chief did not attend because so many other items were on the agenda under privilege of the floor.  Mayor Hunter would like discussion to held on this at the next Board meeting. 


MAYOR HUNTER REPORT:  Mayor Hunter’s report was covered throughout the



CLERK REALS REPORT: Clerk Reals provided the Board with the justice court reports, copies of zoning violation letters, payroll worksheets, and fire department monthly reports for February and year to date numbers thru February along with the bank statements for February.




Transfer of Funds

Motion was made by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Blondell that Clerk Reals be and she is hereby authorized to transfer funds between the following appropriations as follows:


From A9010.8 to A3510.4                          $2,000.00

From A1990.4 to A8160.4                          $6,000.00


All members present voting AYE.  Carried.



There being no further business to come before the Board, motion made by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Blondell to adjourn.  All members present voting AYE.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Lori A. Reals


1 West Main Street
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
(315) 462-5151
Fax number (315) 462-6235
Email: villcs@fltg.net