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February 13, 2017

A regular meeting of the Village Board held on the above date was called to order at 7:00 p.m at the Village Hall, 1 West Main Street, Clifton Springs, NY  14432.

Presiding:                              Bill Hunter, Mayor

Board Members Present:   Melissa Kumkey, Jeff Linsner, Dan Blondell

Board Members Absent:     Earl Lincoln

Minutes:                                 The minutes of the meeting of January 9, 2017 were approved upon motion by Trustee Linsner 2nd by Trustee Blondell.   All members present voted AYE.  Carried. 

Vouchers:                              General, Water and Sewer Vouchers #667 through #745, were approved for payment by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Blondell.  All members present voting AYE.  Carried.                                                                                                                                   

General Fund =                    $   58,476.12

Water Fund =                        $     3,434.63

Sewer Fund =                       $     7,338.87



No persons appeared before the Board.




Tentative Budget 2017-2018

Proposed 2017-2018 draft copy of the budget.


Discussion was held.  This proposed budget increases the tax rate on the Phelps side of the Village by .18/1,000 and increase the tax rate on the Manchester side of the Village by .12/1,000.  The proposed tax rates would be $6.76/1,000 for the Manchester side of the Village and $7.19/1,000 for the Phelps side of the Village.  There is no proposed change in water or sewer charges.  Discussion was held on the water portion of the budget.  The water fund will need to use cash surplus in the 2017-2018 budget.  Trustee Blondell explained how the water budget will improve once the new water meters are installed and once the equipment payment is paid for.  Trustee Blondell has updated the long term plan for the water department and Supervisor Jason Lannon is updating the equipment replacement schedule for the street department.  Clerk Reals would also like a more current truck replacement schedule for the fire department. 


Once the Board reviewed the budget, and questions were answered, motion was made by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Linsner to accept this budget as the tentative budget and to hold a public hearing on the proposed budget on March 13, 2016.  All members present voting AYE. 



Budget concerns for the Fire Department

A letter that was attached to Chief Amanda Spence budget. 


Clerk Reals wanted all Board members to see the letter regarding budget concerns for the Fire Department.  A larger amount of money needed to recently be spent to repair the swivel on the ladder truck.  The department is in need of SCBA gear ($40,000 is proposed in the 2017-2018 budget for gear).  Discussion needs to be held on the next truck purchase, also on fixing trucks versus replacing trucks.  In April the Village Board will put together some representatives from the Village to begin working with the Fire Department Truck Committee on the parameters for the next truck purchase. 




Meeting of February 13, 2017 continued:


Resignation of Lisa Javier, hiring of Sarah Wright – Court Clerk

Letter of resignation from Court Clerk Lisa Javier.  This letter was accepted with regrets.


Sarah Wright, Court Clerk from the Town of Phelps was completely trained and has agreed to serve the Village of Clifton Springs as Court Clerk.  The Village was hopeful that Linda Rider, Deputy Village Clerk – Treasurer could also serve as Court Clerk, but after investigating it was determined that the law does not allow the Deputy Village Clerk or the Village Clerk to also serve as the court clerk.  The law considers this a conflict of interest.


2016 Building Department Report

Copy of the 2016 Building Department Report from Steve DeHond.


Planning Board minutes 1-11-17

Copy of the Planning Board minutes from January 11, 2017.  The Planning Board granted sub division approval to Bernie VanHooft for 10 Teft Avenue (formally Burgess property).




“Value of Villages” study

“Value of Villages” study completed by the Ontario County Values Inc.


Discussed and Reviewed. 


NYCOM – Gov. mandate for consolidation

From NYCOM – information on the Governor’s mandate for County wide consolidation referendum.


The Board discussed this.  The Village already works with the surrounding municipalities on consolidation in many areas. 


Thank you letter from Rochester Cornerstone Group (Spa Apartments)

Thank you letter from Rochester Cornerstone Group.


The letter was to say thank you to the organization that delivered food and toys to people in need at the Spa Apartments and Foster Block during the holiday season.


NYS DOH water sampling

Letter from NYS DOH regarding water sampling requirements. 


Reviewed.  This letter was given to Jason Lannon.


EPA unregulated contaminates

Letter from the EPA on unregulated contaminates monitoring rule.




STREET DEPARTMENT: Trustee Kumkey reported the following:



The crew is working on sanding and staining the park picnic tables, the crew will be attending the “Dig Safely” seminar, Kevin Lyke is getting experience operating the dump truck while plowing, and many other projects are underway including rebuilding storm drain catch basins.


Meeting of February 13, 2017 continued:


SEWER DEPARTMENT:   Mayor Hunter had nothing to report.


WATER DEPARTMENT: Trustee Blondell had nothing to report.


ZONING & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS:  Trustee Blondell reported the following:


Proposed Zoning Code

The Board received from Steinmetz Group the draft copy of the proposed zoning code.

The Board would like the draft copy of the proposed zoning code sent to Attorney Graff

for a cursory review.  Attorney Graff had recommendations before and then met with the

consultant, Jaylene Folkins, Jacob Amidon and Steve DeHond to address his

recommendations.  Clerk Reals was instructed to send the proposed code on to

Attorney Graff for cursory review.


Jaylene Folkins, ZBA Chair, would like to review the proposed code with Mayor Hunter,

Trustee Blondell and Supervisor Jeff Gallahan.


Comprehensive Plan meeting

The next comprehensive plan meeting will be February 28, 2017.  Mayor Hunter plans

to attend.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: Trustee Linsner reported was covered under correspondences.


PARK – YOUTH DEPARTMENT:   Mayor Hunter had nothing to report.


POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Trustee Lincoln was not present.  A February work schedule was submitted by Chief Upchurch. 


Chief Upchurch presented CS Historical Society program

Chief Scott Upchurch will be speaking at the request of the Clifton Springs Historical Society on February 21, 2017.  Chief Upchurch will present a program on the history of the Clifton Springs Police Department.


MAYOR HUNTER REPORT:  Mayor Hunter reported the following:


Reminder the fire department chicken bbq will be February 26, 2017.


The proposed cable franchise agreement has been received.  The agreement will need

to be reviewed and a public hearing will need to be held.


The ribbon cutting for the solar array will be February 23, 2017.  The arrays went into

service on December 27, 2016.


CLERK REALS REPORT: Clerk Reals provided the Board with the justice court reports, copies of zoning violation letters, payroll worksheets, and fire department monthly reports for January and year to date numbers thru January along with the bank statements for January.


Workplace violence policy

Clerk Reals is working on the requirements from Public Employee Safety & Health (PESH) in regards to a workplace violence policy, incident form, risk assessment and training.



Crow Concerns

The USDA Office of animal damage came to Clifton Springs to address the crow problem.  Chief Scott Upchurch worked with the USDA and the majority of crows were removed by non lethal harassment.  This process took two evenings.  At this time the crow problem is almost completely gone.   


Meeting of February 13, 2017 continued:


Transfer of Funds

Motion was made by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Linsner that Clerk Reals be and she is hereby authorized to transfer funds between the following appropriations as follows:


From A1990.4 to A1440.4                              874.83

From F1440.4 to F8352.4                             3,340.00

From G8120.4 to G8130.2                           5,808.14


All members present voting AYE.  Carried.



There being no further business to come before the Board, motion made by Trustee Kumkey 2nd by Trustee Blondell to adjourn.  All members present voting AYE.  Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Lori A. Reals


1 West Main Street
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
(315) 462-5151
Fax number (315) 462-6235
Email: villcs@fltg.net